Monday, January 23

Coffee May Increase Female Libido

cup of coffee

According to the news, scientists form Southwestern University who carried out experiments on rats revealed the female libido can be increased by drinking coffee. The experiments are still at their early stages to come to any definite conclusions, as is it not known how many cups of coffee may be required for the same effect to be replicated in human beings. However, while coffee raises risks with regard to heart diseases, it has a positive effect on the cancer risk and also improvs memory power.

Fish is best for baby brain


According to a new study, eating fish - mackerel and sardines - during pregnancy can help the child develop a better IQ. Although it was known for some time now the benefits of eating fish, analysis of more than 14 000 mothers and their children suggests they are even more important than previously realized.

Dr Joseph Hibbeln from America's National Institute of Health found that the children of women who had eaten fish during their pregnancies, had a great verbal IQs, as well as fine-motor skills, such as the ability to handle small objects, and hand-to-eye co-ordination.

Another study which was led by Elaine Hardman, shows that women who eat oily fish during pregnancy - a few servings a week - could be protecting their daughters against breast cancer and even cut the chances of developing the disease later in life. However, it warns pregnant women against eating marlin, shark and swordfish, which contain high levels of mercury, which can affect the baby's nervous system.

Oily fish has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, and research published last month showed it could also help in the fight against cancer by providing a large dose of vitamin D.

Thursday, January 5

FDA approves Femara as early breast cancer drug

Breast cancer pink bracelet

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Femara as initial therapy for women past menopause who have early breast cancer. The medication was already licensed for treating advanced breast cancer.

New England Journal of Medicine reports that Femara was more effective at preventing recurrences than the standard, tamoxifen - according to a study they made, in which 84 percent of women given Femara versus 81 percent of those on tamoxifen would be cancer-free five years after starting treatment.

Tuesday, January 3

Cosmetics skin care tips for winter

Loreal Natalia

Its normal, in winter time skin tends to be dull and dry that it is why its for our own good to be careful and use some tips for keeping a healthy glow throughout the coming winter months.

First of all hydrate your skin, while using a high-quality moisturizing product is a great start towards keeping your skin healthy. The process gives better results if we exfoliate and clean regularly our skin so it will look fresh and clean though winter. But don't forget it's important to drink lots of water.

Limited edition Snoopy iPod Nano

Snoopy iPod Nano

The special edition Snoopy iPod Nano from Japanese company Runa comes with a whole bunch of accessories that comes in a special Snoopy box.

The iPod itself is a standard Nano with a 2GB capacity and no other memory capacities will be available. It has 3 interchangeable faceplates in three different colors, all having Snoopy and his good buddy Woodstock on them. There is also an image of Snoopy and Woodstock engraved right onto the Nano and for those who want to keep it more closer it has a special lanyard so that Snoopy can hang close to your heart.
With only 1,000 bundles available Snoopy iPod Nano can be had in Japan for about $285.

Sunday, January 1

Mojo Cosmetics Titan and Bullet


Mojo Cosmetics' newest revelation in lipstick technology may surprise you if you are a lipstick fanatic. The Titan refillable lipstick case designed as a Bullet and has been launched being available in seven colors. The compact Titan case is composed of a heat tempered aerospace grade alloy (aluminum, titanium, manganese, magnesium) which is CNC milled, polished, and etched to precision standards to ensure accurate function and a slick profile. An attached stainless steel ring makes it easier to be carried to keys or a purse.

Monday, December 26

Tea reduces risk of ovarian cancer

Cup of Tea

According to a new study tea reduces risk of ovarian cancer. It seems women who consume two or more cups of tea daily over a period of time may lower their risk of ovarian cancer with 46 percent, compared with women who never or even seldom consume tea.

The study published in the December issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that each cup of tea consumed per day was associated with an 18 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer. 61,057 women between 40 and 76 years of age were examined during 15 years of studies that began in the late 1980s, 301 women in the study group were diagnosed with ovarian cancer. So if you are a non tea drinker you might want to start drink some, can not hurt.

Sunday, December 11

Diamond iPod Nano Case

iPod Diamond Case

For iPod Nano consumers who have a passion for music accessories, can now appeal to a diamond-encrusted case for their Apple iPod Nano. It has 586 diamonds - a total of 10.36 carats - set in 14-karat white gold. The case costs $12,495 and will be shown at the International Gem and Jewelry Show in Chicago this weekend, according to the news.
The diamond-encrusted iPod case will be available for special order at select International Gem and Jewelry shows or via the group's Web site.
This season, jewelry goes beyond simply being an accessory to wear on the ears, around the neck or on the wrist.
- International Gem and Jewelry Show Vice President Roxane Duke said in the statement -

Thursday, December 8

Lana Jewelry launches 24KT gold heat perfumed candle

Lana candle

Designer Lana Fertelmeister introduces first and only candle with one gram of 24 carat gold with 12 percent of pure perfume, the maximum concentration ever to be used in a candle. The Lana Jewelry 24KT Gold Heat perfumed candle retails for $165 and is available at specialty department stores, high-end boutiques, luxury hotels and spas, as well as on-line. This rich candle, with a burn time of approximately 60 hours, is like jewelry or a piece of art.

The new fragrance created by Lana presents the Lana Jewelry 24KT Gold Heat perfumed candle with the intensity of black tea filled with lavender, sweet rose, Mandarin, and peach.

Monday, November 21

Swarovski offers crystals decorated Christmas tree

Swarovski Christmas tree

Crystal products maker Swarovski presents Christmas tree, exclusively decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystal ornaments. This year the shiny tree can be seen and admired on four continents. Swarovski will provide the extraordinary tree topper for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York City and there will also be special tree lighting ceremonies.
Because Christmas season has begun Swarovski market offers jewellery, gifts and home decorations for yourself and everyone on your shopping list. There will be market stalls in Denmark and Switzerland.